10 Items to Thrift for Your Home

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10 Items to Thrift for your Home

Classic, vintage, charming, mid-century or antique. Whatever your preference, giving furniture a second life can add unique style to your space. Furniture brings your rooms together and helps you express your sense of style. There are many hidden gems with charm that could be the perfect addition to your room. See our tips to help guide your purchases.

High-Quality Sofas and Couches

Many shoppers consider thrifting a sofa a bit of a risk. The risk decreases when you know how to make a quality purchase. When purchasing a sofa, look for frames made of the right materials. Experts at thespruce.com say “a good-quality couch will have a solid hardwood frame—preferably a "kiln-dried" hardwood frame made of oak, beach, or ash” as well as legs that are “either integral parts of the frame or held on with screws or dowels.”

Shelving and Storage

You can add a touch of creativity or coziness to your space with thrifted and repurposed shelving or storage items. Bar tables, storage benches, credenzas, buffets, and sideboards are sure to be an excellent conversation starter. Look for solid wood, metal, mirrored or glass pieces.


Often not the first thing we think of when decorating, coffee, side or end tables can help pull a room together. Older tables are often made of heavier materials or have unique period-specific details that serve up a side of style. Look for solid wood pieces, as well as glass or metal tables.


Your home office does not have to be boring or cookie cutter. There can be charm and beauty in this part of the home too! One important part of that space is a great workspace. When searching for a desk new to you, look for desks made of high-quality wood, glass or metal.

Dining Sets

The dining table is the focal point of the dining room. Any table you create or purchase resale should fit well within your space. Round tables seat more guests comfortably in smaller or square dining spaces, while rectangular tables work well in larger spaces. Look for dining sets made of great materials like wood, concrete, metal or glass.

Outdoor Furniture

When shopping for resale patio furniture look for well-made items comprised of materials that can withstand the weather and will age well. Items made of wrought iron, bronze and steel are popular because of their durability. If you notice rust and signs of wear, that could keep the furniture from being sturdy.

Wall Art

Online auctions offer a wide variety of options for conservative to eclectic art tastes. Look for what will compliment your décor and add character. HGTV design experts encourage thrifting unique frames “to repurpose and replace with printed photos from your travels or new art from independent artist shops or sellers.”


Tools can be expensive retail, so purchasing what you need at estate sales and online auctions is a great way to find reliable quality items. When shopping, look for brands known for their utility with long-lasting or lifetime warranties that can be transferred to new owners.

Small Appliances

Small appliances like blenders or slow cookers can be a great buy if they are like new or in an unopened box. Be sure to look for high-quality brands known for their dependability to really make your dollars stretch. Avoid items that aren’t clean or missing parts.

Decorative Items and Knickknacks

It’s simple to update the look of your space with decorative resale accessories. To add bold flare, infuse pops of color with ceramic vases, benches, footstools, small sculptures or other items that add a bit of personality. These items flaunt character and enhance the narrative of your home.

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